The Digital Disconnect [#DigitalInsights]

Fewer than half of businesses are responding to Digital Disruption by Digital Transformation Business leaders today know that Digital technology is disruptive, the question is, how do they respond it as part of  Digital Transformation   as shown in the stages of our infographic. Pwc s 6th annual Digital IQ survey reveals that: having a strong Digital IQ, the by product of leveraging these five interlocking behaviours, were 2.2 times more likely to be top-performers in revenue growth, profitability, and innovation. Their findings show that many larger businesses still trying to overcome challenges and 70% of those who are successfully driving Digital Transformation, are ensuring that their Chief Information Officer and Marketing Managers/Directors are working closely together to engage in digital discussions . How many businesses are concerned about the Digital Disconnect? The findings show that 75% are ill-prepared to respond and adapt to technologies, and 69% can not keep up wit


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