How email relevance encourages customer loyalty [#DigitalInsights]

Plus techniques that can boost retailer loyalty This new research from Emarsys explores the well-known thinking in marketing that it costs a lot to acquire a new customer, yet many will make a single purchase and not purchase again. A repeat purchase, on the other hand, costs far less than acquiring a new customer, estimated at between 4 and 7 times less. Despite this truism , many brands are failing to develop true loyalty according to this research. Although brand marketers talk about loyalty, this research show that few consumers have true loyalty. The implications? Measure loyalty to understand how your brand rates and the factors that drive or prevent loyalty. What s the reason behind this lack of loyalty? Well, marketers need to research this for their business, but it seems that poor communications is one reason If we get our email marketing or other communications wrong then consumers will react with their feet But with the right offer and content, retailers can develop mo


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