5 important email marketing rules

Exclusive excerpts from Chad White s new book You don t have to be ahem nearing 50 to struggle to keep up with all the changes in digital marketing. (In fact, life becomes a lot more relaxed once you accept you can t.) It s why guidelines, frameworks and similar play an important role in ensuring your marketing is based on solid foundations. For email marketers, Chad White provides those foundations in the 120 best practices contained within the 2nd edition of his  Email Marketing Rules book. The new edition also has additional chapters explaining the interactions and synergies between these best practices. Obviously some of those rules cover basics like Don t buy email lists , but Chad kindly allowed me to pull out other rules that many marketers neglect in the rush to write the next subject line. 1. Focus on maximizing the value of a subscriber, not on maximizing the results of a campaign. Of course you should look to optimise the results of each individual email, but Chad s po


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