6 top tips on how to grow your subscriber list using pop-ups and lightboxes

A discussion of best practices for email capture using popovers The question on every marketer’s lips if they re considering a implementing a pop-up or popover for capturing email addresses or promotions should be:  Will using a pop-up help us achieve our goals as well as keep our customers happy? In this article I will focus specifically on using popovers to drive subscribers here are a few top-line tips on how to get started on achieving the right balance between your marketing objectives and customer satisfaction. If you’re interested in more ways popovers or lightboxes can be used to increase conversions and drive revenue, we ve written a guide download our guide How to use popovers to increase conversions . 1. Consider your audience Your potential customers don’t care what conversion rate you want, what targets you’re trying to meet or when you need to achieve them by. They care about their own experience and what’s in it for them. Think about why they’re on your


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