How to build your customer database without buying a list

Three steps to organic list growth Often marketers will want to email as many people as possible, as quickly as possible and as cheaply as possible. This is a common mindset which can end in marketers purchasing or renting an email list. If you are looking either for immediate or long term results, buying a list is not the answer. Instead follow our three steps to organic list growth to build your database without damaging your email list health. Step 1. Optimise your web sign up The first step in building an organic email list is optimising your web sign up. This may seem obvious; however web sign up can be easy to get wrong, so make sure you have this basic step perfected to avoid any negative knock on effects further down the line.  Optimise your form Begin by creating a solid form which will encourage users to hand over their information instead of leaving your site. Make the form visible When adding your sign up form to your site ensure that it is visible and included on all m


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