Email marketers – how would YOU answer these questions from your boss?

7 key email strategy questions every email marketer should be able to answer Company owners and marketing directors won t want to get into the details of your email marketing like your click-to-open rates or your deliverability. But in my experience, they will often know the important questions to ask . Here are 7 tough questions that as an email marketing specialist you should be able to answer, plus my suggestions of how you should answer. 7 key email marketing questions Q1. How do you manage our email strategy? Good answer Strategy is determined by a review of all opportunities to improve our email marketing based on marketing objectives. Each opportunity is reviewed against all others rather than trying to evaluate improvements in isolation. As resources are limited, we balance effort between activities that will bring fast return and those are of part of long-term vision and require more investment. Business and revenue value is predicted wherever possible to ensure we spend i


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