How to make social selling work for you

A briefing on modern social selling The age of social selling is upon us, although one could argue that it s always been that way. When people make a purchase they tell others. When people have a good or bad experience with a brand they tell others. When people love your products or services they tell others. It s safe to say that people love to share, which is exactly why social networks are so popular. Selling has always been social, but networks like Facebook and Twitter take that element and amplify it. Today s social selling is completely different, and when you implement it properly, it can do wonders for your brand.  What is modern social selling? The modern form of social selling involves integrating sale prompts or direct links via social profiles. For example, Amazon allows Twitter users to add items to their shopping cart by replying with #AmazonCart to tweets that contain an appropriate product link. However, social selling is not just about jump starting the sales proces


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