Golden Opportunities: Using colour choices to turn clicks into conversions

Research and examples showing how the principles of Colour Psychology apply to Persuasion Marketing Just about everyone has a favourite colour, (and a few not-so-favourite ones), and as such, most of us realize that colour has an unusual ability to influence how we feel.  Armed with the knowledge that colour can be a persuasive force in consumer decision-making, Professor Satyendra Singh from the University of Winnipeg asserts that retailers are always attempting to use the influence of colour to their benefit (Impact of colour on marketing, Management Decision, 44 (6), 783-789). This may involve techniques as simple as targeting consumers of a specific gender based on product colour, to using specific colours to subliminally entice consumers to buy: see Professor Okan Akcay in Marketing to teenagers: The influence of colour, ethnicity and gender, from International Journal of Business and Social Science, 3 (22), 10-18. Available online at: The practice als


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