ABC planning for content marketing prioritisation

A simple process for weighting your content priorities The rise of always-on content marketing has led to a content tsunami, making cut-through more difficult, so teams need tools and approaches to balance their content priorities. In this post I ll share our ABC process which we use to simplify the process of planning the most effective content to meet our clients goals. Marketing common sense ≠ common practice It’s easy to get immersed in the joy of creating content, and lose sight of the bigger picture. (I’ve been there too). The challenge is that when we as marketers put our heart into the job (and as much as we may know the truth is different) it’s easy to lose our heads and act as if our target customers are eagerly searching for what we have to offer. The inconvenient truths of content marketing There are some inconvenient truths that marketers need to face. We’re in a war for relevance and attention. There is a growing content tsunami out there. Our main rivals in


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