The perfect formula for your online quiz?

5 key elements that distinguish the great online quiz from the ignored In July 2014, quizzes built using Interact were viewed 1 million times. Of those million views, 90% came from the top 10% of quizzes built. To discover what sets excellent quizzes apart from the rest, we ran some statistics, put together graphs, and delved deep into the psychology of what causes some quizzes to outperform the rest. What we found is that all the best quizzes have a good degree of similarity, meaning that there IS a formula for the perfect quiz. I m here today to share that formula with you. Every great quiz has 5 essential elements that come together to make up the content. 1. A title that stands out above social media noise 2. A cover image hook 3. Conversational questions 4. Uplifting and challenging results 5. A sharing plan Let s take a look at each element and the data behind what works. Step 1: Differentiating yourself with an excellent title Quizzes receive the most of their traffic from


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