A fresh view on social content and publishing strategies

Are you at risk of social spamming? It s well over 10 years since Facebook launched. The behavioural patterns of user groups are now well understood, the advertising platforms are highly developed and the business world across the planet has increasingly become social . Yet the ways in which so many businesses have adopted social media and how they use it for ongoing communication with their customers, is often, in my experience, fundamentally flawed. While as a marketing community we have learnt so much about social media, when it comes to applying that learning into practice, only comparatively rarely do businesses appear to demonstrate real understanding and consideration of their audience’s requirements. It is time we re-evaluated our approach as the foundations on which these strategies were built have become eroded. In the following paragraphs, I will pose a few searching questions and outline what I regard as key issues to be addressed differently. While it should be said a


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