4 reasons more businesses should use media attribution

Why is attribution modelling important? Ever since its birth in the mid 1990s, online advertising has been lauded as the most accountable advertising medium ever, but it has taken a while to live up to the promise The early days of measuring online display campaign effectiveness based on click-through rates alone seem excruciatingly painful to recall for example! Fast forward to 2014 and the latest online media spend figures show that digital media spend has increased dramatically, with predictions that Digital media will account for 75% of all marketing spend in 5 years. With this kind of money comes a responsibility to ensure media spend isn’t being wasted, or at the very least to find ways of explaining how just much value is being derived from it. More advanced digital marketeers have started looking towards attribution modelling to help better understand what their budget is doing for them and how it can be made to work harder. Yet, research by Smart Insights has shown tha


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