Humanising your ecommerce brand

Why developing an emotional connection through personal branding is essential for ecommerce On a daily basis, the average consumer will see as many as 5,000 ads. The sheer volume of ads is a large reason why many consumers view companies with distrust, believing that they will only take action and speak with only sales in mind. The reality is, consumers prefer to do business with people, not companies. Personal branding allows your audience to see the human behind the operation. Why Personal brands? The most important factor in determining the success of a company is trust. Unlike brick-and-mortar stores, your customers do not immediately receive a physical good after they have shopped at an e-commerce store. In order for them to make a purchase from your site, they must be assured that they will receive the product and that it will look the same as it did on the site. They also have to feel safe putting in their credit card number into your site. All of this requires a level of trus


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