Making use of attribution modelling

It looks cool, but how should you use insights from attribution to improve media spend? With the growing maturity in analytics tools and the geniuses at Google and other analytics services working to improve them, it is great to see attribution modelling data and insights now widely available. But availability of these tools doesn t equal use, indeed the Smart Insights Customer Experience Management report shows that while we re pretty good at reviewing engagement with websites, email and social media through hurdle rates, the use of attribution is languishing way down at the bottom of methods of assessing engagement. [Editor’s note: To help shed some light on the what-why-how of attribution modelling and as part of our mission to make analytics more actionable, we asked Hugh Gage to write a guide on how to use attribution modelling which is now available for Expert members]. Looking beyond ROI In this article and a follow-up I will explore the different opportunities that adopti


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