Why does HR recruitment ethics not follow digital engagement?

Re-imagining the recruitment process in a digital world Using digital to provide a human touch In relationships between two people, the person instigating the break up may feel they may have little to lose, especially in the early days of the relationship. You never return my phone calls, my emails. You never told me why you don’t accept me for who I am? I just get voicemail. Tell me why you don’t love me. Unnecessary behaviour This behaviour appears to me, to often also manifest itself in the HR recruitment processes of companies. Even in a digital age when a prospective employee could also be a customer or even a shareholder. They could be left thinking that if this is how they treat their prospective employees then this is how they might treat their current employees. Worse still, it could mean they walk away as a customer or shareholder. Marketing Directors and Customer Service Directors are tasked to ensure that customers feel loved, are responded to and kept informed. And y


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