An example of using actionable analytics iteratively to engage business leaders, win resources and embed a data-driven culture

Evolution, not revolution is the pragmatic approach to Digital Transformation Businesses of any scale can generate huge quantities of data from their analytics – most of it with the potential to improve performance. But to realize that potential, to action the actionable takes time, focus and budget. This research from the Smart Insights Managing Digital Marketing report shows that many businesses are conscious that they are not spending sufficient time on planning and optimization. In organisations who have yet to embrace data as a vital marketing tool, getting buy-in for the resources to make it happen can be challenging to say the least. As a digital transformation specialist, I often work with people at the start of their journey to a digital direct-sell business model. For them it represents a major cultural shift requiring new skills, techniques and competencies. Many of these have traditionally sold their products through distributors and agents and therefore lack digital or


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