Retina Displays – Why you need to think about retina screens in your email marketing

Understanding the pros and cons of Retina screens in email design Children of the (higher) resolution Every time I see an article or advert about Apple’s Retina Display, I have to force myself not to dismiss it as marketing guff and consider the relevancy. Let me explain. As an email designer, devices with a Retina display are a pain. When I open an email I have lovingly crafted they make my pin-sharp graphics look a touch blurry, and that’s guaranteed to upset any designer. In this article I look specifically at email design for retina displays, register for the free webinar with my colleague Darren for more insight on mobile design for Email. What is a retina screen or display? First it’s important to understand what a Retina screen is. First and foremost, the name is just an Apple marketing term – Samsung, Sony, HTC, in fact all smartphone manufacturers are now producing devices with high PPI (Pixels per inch) displays. Any screen with a pixel density high enough that under


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