The Five biggest mistakes that digital marketers make with PR

How to avoid those typical PR blunders PR, like many parts of digital marketing, can be a numbers game. You try different pitches to different publications and hope that something works. Along the way, you make mistakes and you learn from them. Below, we’ve spelled-out five of the most standard mistakes of PR outreach so you can avoid making them.  Mistake #1: Thinking news will come to you It can be exhausting, but in order to get coverage, you need to seek it out. And today, there are more tools available than ever for low-budget, reduced-effort PR outreach campaigns. Info and tip lines are freely available online and more effective than you probably think, too and social platforms like Twitter or LinkedIn or software-as-service like MuckRack provide an opportunity to get in touch directly with people you might otherwise never have had access to. Following a reporter’s social media feeds will give you a sense of their personality and what topics interest them. Re-tweets and sha


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