Getting noticed for your first digital marketing job post University

My top 10 tips to help you secure your digital marketing graduate job There’s something nostalgic about looking back at your time at University – especially when looking to offer advice. Like that one time you were stranded in the library preparing for your last exam. Or the time you were rushing to print your coursework and realised you had run out of print credits. Frustrating at the time, but when you look back, there’s always a lesson learnt. University offers so much, yet it’s often under utilised by students. This is sometimes only realised by graduating students when it’s too late to seize those opportunities. So this is me, who has been there, done that, passing the baton of advice on to any Under-grad or Post-grad students who may be considering their future in digital marketing. The following tips are lessons I wish had been passed down to me in my time of need. So if you’re preparing for graduation, or just want to get ahead, check them out and let me know what


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