Building and structuring your content marketing team

Day 3 in our 5 days to Successful Content Marketing series In previous days in our series we have defined a vision and strategy for Content Marketing. Now, today’s the day to start thinking about who’s actually going to put all of this together. You’ll need to work out who does what in your content team, and how much time and effort you can realistically muster. At its simplest, your content team needs to look something like this: All of the above roles could be resourced in different ways, depending on the scale and ambition of your operation. In some cases, several roles may be filled by one person wearing several hats; in other cases, one role may be taken by a whole team or an outsourced agency. Here are the key players: The Editor sits at the heart of the operation. They decide what you talk about and when, commission work from the creators (writers/designers/video producers etc), and also decide what to leave out. They’re basically the content plan in walking, talking hu


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