Define how content marketing will add to your brand

Day 2 in our 5 days to Successful Content Marketing Series Yesterday I introduced our mini series by reviewing the key content marketing strategy questions.  Today s advice is all about working out how your brand and business offering can extend into a content proposition. What kind of content can you credibly create, and how can this content support your business goals? Think of a classic sales funnel, such as AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action). Your content marketing activity will typically be most valuable around the Attention and Interest top-end, where search and social tend to be the key triggers of engagement. So ask yourself: what kind of content can we create that the people we’re trying to reach might care about, or be prepared to offer a click or an email address for? For a quick answer to this, consider: What expert knowledge do we sit on? What do we know more about than anyone else? What kind of questions are people searching for that we can provide credible an


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