7 Deadly Sins of Client Reporting for Digital Marketing

Practices agencies should avoid when reporting digital marketing performance to clients, and tips for how to get it right As marketers, and humans for that matter, we’ve all been guilty of committing (at least) one of the seven deadly sins in one way or another. You won’t have Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman hunting you down, but when it comes to marketing agencies, committing these reporting sins can be deadly to the agency/client relationship. Deadly reporting Sin 1: Avarice Otherwise known as greed, Avarice is a sin of excess. Clients want and need to know what their agency is doing to move the needle, but consistently sending them an overly-comprehensive reports can be a lose-lose for the client and the agency. Massive reports take agencies a lot of time to prepare, billable hours that could be better spent acting on your findings. And since the operative term here is billable, clients waste money to learn extraneous details when all they really want to know is what happened, wh


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