Are marketers responsible for Shellshock customer privacy breaches? [@SmartInsights alert]

New security vulnerability potentially “bigger than Heartbleed” are you prepared? Importance: Recommended link: Register summary of security vulnerability We wouldn’t typically report security vulnerabilities to our readers since they are more relevant for an IT audience to act on, but after the Heartbleed security bug from April 2014, many mainstream news outlets are reporting this, so you may well be asked about what you’re doing about it to protect customer data! Remember that Heartbleed was linked to personal data breaches at Community Health Systems, a US hospital group that manages more than 200 hospitals, Canada’s tax agency, UK parenting website Mumsnet and the developers of Call of Duty What is Shellshock? Shellshock is a vulnerability to systems within the ‘bash’ shell processor which runs on different versions of UNIX/Linux. Since Apple OS X uses a derivative of this it could cause developers using this to allow access via a hijack attempt to a server containi


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