7 Ways to incorporate Halloween into your marketing campaigns

 Halloween marketing party tricks you are never too old The holidays are coming. However, holiday shopping no longer waits until Black Friday or even the month of November to get underway. Instead, to get ahead of this holiday season, smart businesses must consider their marketing kick-offs much earlier. This makes Halloween an excellent starting point for the 2014 holiday season. Halloween isn’t just for kids anymore whichever country you re planning your Halloween campaigns for. In fact, according to the US National Retail Federation, 71.5% of adults plan to celebrate or otherwise participate in Halloween-related activities this year. This means that there’s no specific demographic for Halloween, and chances are you can profit from this knowledge. Ideas for marketing Halloween Is your business ready? Looking for ways to incorporate Halloween into your company’s marketing strategy? Look no farther. Check out these 7 options and get started today. 1. Start a holiday loyalty pro


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