Which emotions should we invoke through social media? #DigitalInsights

Should we give our content more personality the most common feature of the most shareable content? We talk about targeted and relevant content for our audience, though can we cross the line with humour and show our personal side, or does it have to be  ‘corporate’?  Some companies play it safe and keep it less personal where others show more personality with humour, if it aligns with their brand and tone of voice.  Once we share content then we know that we can’t remove it, so is there any research to help us? Which are the top 3 emotions we invoke in our social media content? Over 10,000 top most shareable articles were analysed by Buzzsumo and the topic and tone matched to an emotion as shown in the chart. Interestingly, ‘the top 3 invoked emotions are awe, laughter and amusement. Source: OkDork.com Publishing for content marketing involves a psychological contract, so it s important to understand how to invoke the right emotions, to make those positive on-line connecti


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