Running out of ideas for your content strategy?

Content strategy approval – how to win buy-in for your ideas So, you’ve completed the research and fully understand the business focuses and audience. You’ve created the personas, organised the brainstorms and come up with a host of creative content to set the web on fire. Now all you have to do is pitch the ideas and get the buy-in of your client or MD. Easy huh? Well, not always. Part of the reason this can be harder than necessary is because some people struggle to understand that off-page content, in particular, is not designed to be a sales pitch. (It almost doesn’t matter what you write about, as long as the article is interesting, and the link is relevant and appears naturally.) It is therefore imperative to explain the true purpose of each piece of content from the very beginning and highlight the benefits of variety it is, after all, the spice of life. At Zazzle Media we have worked hard to create content strategies that not only list all our data-informed content ide


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