Obtaining CMO buy-in for social media

Four ways to prove the value of social media to your CMO So you have ambitious plans for a new social media program that will build brand buzz and drive business impact? There’s just one problem: you need a big budget to match your big dreams. Though social media budgets are projected to double in the next five years, many social media marketers still report feeling underfunded. How can you convince your senior marketing leadership to invest in social? 4 Steps to gaining social media buy-in These proven tactics can help you prove the value of your social media efforts and win buy-in from your CMO. Step 1. Prove social media ROI through direct sales. Social media ROI: often talked about, but rarely proven. But if you want your CMO to increase your funding, you’ll need hard numbers that demonstrate your impact on the bottom line. Use your web analytics platform to track the performance of your social media efforts. Double down on your most successful efforts, and scale back tactics


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