Long or short-form content: which is best? #DigitalInsight

What length of copy is most shareable across social media? As we all put more effort into content marketing and our competitors do as well, we want to get cut-through, to maximise the chance of sharing. So, it helps to know the length of copy which maximises shares. We like this research from CoSchedule since it isn t based on opinion, it s based on data analysing the number of shares from social media from 1 million articles, focusing on those with more than 1,000 shares in total  It showed that on average, longer content gets more shares’. Source: OkDork.com Of course, there will be exceptions to any rule-of-thumb based on a large data set, but this clearly shows that  content producers who create more in-depth content will be rewarded by more shares. Their research reinforces researchers found in the NY Times from their email analysis, that longer emails for example can be more shareable.


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