#DigitalImpact2014 Twitter highlights

A visual summary of Smart Insights members  conference Well that s a relief! I think it s fair to say our first conference went pretty well judging by the Twitter comments and other feedback. Many thanks if you cam along to the event and got involved in the sharing. I ve compiled a quick best of starting with some general feedback and then looking at highlights of individual talks. If you re an Expert member of Smart Insights and weren t able to attend, we ll be making the slides available on the site next week, we ll let you know It was great we had a full-house and I was delighted to see attendees from many industries across Europe and beyond I spoke to Smart Insights Expert members from Denmark, Ireland, Switzerland, Italy even Australia! and I think there were more countries besides. مؤتمر رائع جدا بحضور أحد أهم خبراء #التسويق_الإلكتروني في العالم @DaveChaffey #digitalimpact2014 #London pic.twitter.com/tVnXB3qtK5 — حاتم


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