Call Captain Digital to Accelerate Digital Transformation

A look at academic research on change management with a digital lens You can t do today s job with yesterday s methods and be in business tomorrow Peter F Drucker The current Mrs Sealey and I sat down recently to watch Captain America: the Winter Soldier (my choice). It s a great action packed film that sets things up nicely for the forthcoming Avengers 2 movie. It occurred to me during the film that Captain America is a leader of change. He identifies threats and handles them with help from the ensemble cast. He removes corruption, replacing it with new alliance with the vision and mission to do right. Let me segue into the main topic of this post; accelerating digital transformation (definition). I ve had the good fortune in my career to work for or with digital leaders who are attempting to do something new and brave. One thing that is common about them and this isn t a criticism they are brim full of good ideas and have often translated this into a compelling vision and strategy f


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