Media consumption today: how do TV, smartphone, mobile and laptop compare? [#DigitalInsights]

New research shows the increase in social media stacking It hit us all years ago, but when did we realise? In our busy lives, we multi-task at work, or in our personal lives, and some are now calling this  social media stacking . The Millward Brown s Ad Reaction report refers to it as putting the kettle on , as it s embedded in most of our daily lives. I am guilty of this behaviour while watching the TV, I check my emails on my iPhone, answer a Tweet and time permitting will find a good recipe on Pinterest for the evening meal an ideal target for advertisers and publishers to connect with me beyond passive viewing . For brands, there are now multiple opportunities to connect, as Millward Brown global multiscreening report shows in their findings. The implication is that brands need to leverage this by evaluating reach and opportunity of different devices through the scale of screens and receptivity of people. Source: Millward Brown Adreaction Multi-screen 2014 Report, Interactive


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