Online marketers need to consider print

People still love print – sometimes more than digital – so enabling good printing is essential for online marketing success Internet marketers live in a digital world, but they should not forget printed documents. In this article you will discover: Why print is psychologically important How to ensure your website is printable What printed documents are worth providing Back in 1975, Business Week magazine predicted that we would soon have a “paperless office” thanks to all the new technology being introduced at that time. Of course, here we are almost 40 years later and the paperless office is still a distant dream. Even in this age of instant digital information, where you are not short of things to read, the chances are you also have a pile of print to wade through. The notion that digital would replace print clearly hasn’t happened. Indeed, even though the sales of ebook readers have soared, printed book sales are still healthy. Ebook sales appear to have peaked back in 20


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