How are content marketing leaders getting success?

Examples of rich, long-form, long-haul, brand-led content that doesn’t add to the noise Let’s face it, success in marketing generally is difficult. In digital channels we can only see this getting harder and harder. In fact research this week by EMC showed evidence that there’ll be 32 Billion connected devices on the Internet by 2020. How brands get cut-through in the volume of traffic and data on that scale is therefore huge. Of course, with all the potential, it also reveals vast opportunity for those that can get it right. What works in this emerging reality? There’s no one size fits all answer , and yet rich, visual and long-form content marketing complimenting real-time, social media and micro content uses much higher levels of consideration and quality, it’s already demonstrating where brands can steal a march on their noisier, less considered competitors. We’ve seen long form content work wonders for brands such as Patagonia, more on that in a minute. In a world wh


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