3 options for Ecommerce sites to implement triggered email messaging

A review comparing different technical solutions for Ecommerce integration with behavioural email marketing Triggered messaging is a rapidly growing part of marketing with extremely good ROI. It s about delivering business messages that are personalized and near-real time, resulting in very good engagement. All email marketers should be doing this if they re not already! My previous post in this series explained when triggered messages were effective, for example for cart abandonment and onboarding sequences. This follow-up is a brief summary of the three main implementation strategies for triggered emails, using: 1. Just your E-commerce system. 2. Just your ESP. 3. A real-time marketing system (RTMS). Using just your Ecommerce system Many Ecommerce systems can send a few types of triggered messages, for example purchase complete and cart abandonment, either natively or using third-party plug-ins. (There are lots of these, for example Abandon Carts Alert Pro for Magento and EDD Aband


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