Examples of retail category page best practice

What Makes Great Ecommerce Website Design? Part 2: The Category Page In Part Two of my series of blog posts looking at the factors that help make different parts of an ecommerce websites more effective in experience, merchandising and SEO, I review examples of category pages. In Part 1 I looked at 5 Ecommerce home page best design practices. You can think of Category pages serving as the Departments within your website like they do in a department store the ladieswear department, childrens wear department and so on. These areas in a department store are typically demarcated by very visual merchandising, such as mannequins dressed in the types of clothes that you d find in that department, visual posters/ signage showing branding or imagery depicting the section you are in smiling children on posters indicating that you are in the childrens section. These subtle visual prompts are often un-noticed yet serve to ensure that subconsciously shoppers are assured that they are in the corre


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