Three simple CTA tips for your next email

Don t forget the bigger picture When writing emails, we do like to optimise each individual element of the message. Which is a good thing, provided that optimisation takes account of how those elements interact with each other. If it doesn t, you end up with mails like this: From line, subject line and preheader are all individually optimised to ensure people recognise the message. But the combined impact is over the top and ignores the potential of, say, the subject line and preheader to better highlight why someone would want to take a closer look at the mail. (And, yes, I have seen mails like this!) There s a broader impact to consider that depends on the combined impression generated by these elements as people work their way (or not!) through the email. It s why you might ask your copywriter for a headline change and find them rewriting the rest of the text, too. It all hangs together. By way of example, here are three ideas that acknowledge the interaction of your call-to-ac


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