Techniques to increase reach on Facebook

Why and how marketers must respond to the decline in organic reach There are many articles talking about the demise of Facebook, articles like this on Forbes discussing the decline of organic rearch. Other research suggests growth in users is  strong, albeit from new markets. At the same time, Facebook is demanding that we now ‘pay to play’, no more organic reach at least not reliably for those cheap contests and product-led posts brands seem to love so much this is resulting in fellow whining marketers like these guys bemoaning the gifted “free” ride that we’ve had for the last free years. But hasn’t it always been this way, haven’t we had to evolve with this change from Google too as they led the search engine charge that marketers were so keen to follow, a case of déjà vu? Remember how relatively easy SEO and paid search used to be up to around 2007–2008, I whined when that got expensive too. By the time Panda and Penguin came along, smart marketers had moved


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