Which Sitebuilder is best for your digital marketing strategy?

A review comparing 7 options for SMBs and startups Your website is the foundation of an effective digital marketing strategy. It is a primary touchpoint for new prospects which presents the value your brand can offer. Many small businesses don t need a complex site, rather there will need be basic content about the company and what it will offer through its products or services. You just need to create the relevant pages. With limited budget, you will hope to limit design input and instead use pre-built templates and a tool to create the site. By using a low-cost website builder (sitebuilder), you should be able to achieve the look you want but if you don t choose the right sitebuilder, could your website be built on quicksand? So, the question is, which website builder, or simple content management system (CMS), should you use? There are million different options. How do you know which one is right for your digital marketing strategy? Choosing which sitebuilder is best for your c


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