Online brand sentiment analysis

An introduction to measuring and managing online sentiment Love. Hate. Frustration. Happiness. Security. Excitement. Satisfaction. Desire. Apprehension. Impatience. Just a small selection of common emotions that we feel pretty much every day, as we go about our lives. Many of these emotions are felt and experienced as we interact with hundreds of brands throughout the day. Perhaps it’s the steaming hot coffee and service of Starbucks in the morning, making you feel satisfied, or the feeling of desire of the latest 7 series BMW, as you take the bus home from work, through to the painfully complicated payment system for something you wish to buy online, leaving you frustrated and angry. The power of social media channels has created a new world of venting and consumer voice. For example with a Product recall—you can sure there’s more than one blog post about it. And then there is disappointing customer service? A quick mention of the brand shared with a few thousand foll


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