The 7 Mistakes Killing your Campaigns

Ideas on making your marketing campaigns more effective As the take-up of  smartphones continues to grow with 61% of adults now using one it’s changing the marketing landscape at an incredible rate. Ofcom’s new Communications Market Report offers great context as to why your marketing might be outdated and getting results that don’t match your experience. Here’s 2 snippets: The average adult in the UK spends over half of their waking hours engaged in media or communications activities. On average, UK adults sleep for 8 hours 21 minutes in a 24-hour period, while they spend 8 hours 41 minutes engaged in media or communication activity. UK adults squeeze over 11 hours’ worth of communications and media activity into less than nine hours. The total volume of media and communications activities undertaken by an individual each day equate to 11 hours 7 minutes. But as some media activities are conducted simultaneously, this is squeezed into 8 hours 41 minutes per day. The take-a


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