5 deadly marketing misbeliefs

How to combat marketing misbeliefs from colleagues that can kill profit Marketers, by nature, are persuasive humans, yet sometimes they’re stifled by management’s delusions. In my career, I’ve observed several misconceptions that interfere with effective marketing and, ultimately, prevent the company from growing and becoming more profitable. The reasons behind this are many and varied, but it usually relates to misbeliefs depending on managers previous experiences. It might be because managers don’t believe in a certain type of marketing investment, or they might simply consider the marketing department a mere backup to the sales team. Whatever the case, if you’ve ever approached your C-suite executives with a killer marketing plan backed by concrete principles only to be shot down because they can’t imagine doing things differently, you’re not alone. However, if you prepare for possible pushback , you can present sound rationales for the importance of marketing efforts


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