Email marketing should be much more than a newsletter

Are you using all the options for email marketing? For smaller business without a full-fledged email programme, it s not always obvious that email marketing needn t just be limited to the good old newsletter. To help you review all the other different email options, we’ll go through the ‘usual suspects’ available from email marketing that can help you as a marketer, achieve many different goals. Best practices for encouraging opt-in to email marketing In the wake of the recent prosecution and fine of John Lewis, the department store chain, for sending of unsolicited spam emails, we need to take a second look at communications we sent out. In almost types of emails, but not all, subscribers should be able to opt-out. To help avoid any legal issues, bear in mind it is best practice for email subscription to: Leave the email opt-in box blank on the sign-up form. I.e. do NOT pre-populate it with a tick. Operate a double opt-in procedure with your subscribers. First of all they si


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