The 4th wave of content marketing

Is Content Marketing Headed for a Tech Revolution? Are you ready for the fourth wave of content marketing? According to Scott Brinker: “the fourth wave of content marketing, now emerging, is the proliferation of interactive content with responsive web marketing apps.” In Scott’s ebook, The New Brand of Marketing Scott argues that marketing is now a technical discipline where art gives way to code. Whereas that might sound like a huge leap, it’s got to be worth hearing out and this article introducing it is a great read, I’ll summarise and expand on this below. So what are the three waves preceding this? We know content marketing is pretty popular and interest in it has grown dramatically in the last couple of years…. So what’s the story of the first wave? If we agree to share the waves view that in the chart above? The first wave is the birth of owned media, at least from a digital perspective. Companies essentially publish as much as they wanted on their website


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