Pinterest marketing techniques to increase your followers [Infographic]

Quick ideas to increase your followers With over 70 million Pinterest users, which grew by 58% in 2013, then it s definitely a social media platform to evaluate to see if it fits your business and demographics. See our in-depth Pinterest marketing guide by Rhian Simms and Liz Edwards for more details. In sectors where visual identity of products is important Pinterest can be influential: Did you know that a Pin is repinned on average 10x compared to a Tweet, which is typically retweeted less than 1%? If you are fairly new to Pinterest and looking to grow your Followers to share your boards, then here are some practical steps: Use high impact, high quality, colourful images those with medium lightness are 20x more likely to be repinned. Comment on the most popular pins to be noticed. Give positive comments about those you are mentioning. Use other social media platforms and offline channels to promote your presence and promotions on Pinterest ie. tweet your pins and competitions.


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