New Google Analytics App available [@SmartInsights alert]

Now available on iOS as well as Android Value: Recommended download links: GA app on Android and  iOS . Thanks to the Google Analytics API, third-party developers have offered mobile Google Analytics apps for years. Analytics App was a favourite for us. We’re also working on a dashboard app for desktop and mobile based around our RACE planning framework with built in advice which offers greater simplicity than GA expect more on this over the next few months! This alert is to let you know that Google has finally released its own app. Android users have had this available for a month or so from the Google Play Store. I’ve switched to Android on S5 these days since I need a BIG screen and the new version defaults to a real-time report. It works well for reviewing checking up on those KPIs when travelling: But this week Google has released the long-awaited iOS version of iPhone for the iTunes App Store: On the iTunes app store, early customer reviews suggest some problems with si


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