10 features defining the scope and opportunities of marketing automation

A definition of Marketing Automation in 2014 Have you noticed that there’s a lot more discussion of how marketing automation can be used by businesses in 2014? Many email marketing service providers (ESPs) are repositioning their services as marketing automation platforms and at the same time, customer relationship management (CRM) systems are including marketing automation and Big Data features as part of their cloud platform services. As I speak with marketers at different businesses I find that there is varying understanding of what marketing automation means and I m often asked to define it’s scope. So, in this post I have outlined some of the main features as I see it. Automated, personalised email sequences are a key feature of Marketing Automation In reality, the automation concept is not new, for example, automated email sequences are a key feature of marketing automation that have been available for at least 10 years in many capable ESP platforms. An example of an automa


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