The ingredients of effective viral marketing [infographic]

Including the 5 reasons your content ISN T Going Viral Since its inception, the Internet has opened new doors for growing a business by sharing viral content. Today business owners are naturally still keen that they go viral to increase their awareness. Content marketing offers opportunities to do this through the range of content marketing formats  we have available to us. What is viral marketing? Viral internet marketing is not to be confused with ordinary online marketing. Neither is any viral content considered marketing. It isn t enough for something to spread rapidly. As it spreads, it should help get your company noticed. Marketing guru, Seth Godin, emphasizes that true viral marketing “must market your business in a tangible and useful way.” Now that you know the difference, the next step is to find out how marketing becomes viral. Why does content become viral? If we re honest, there is no secret ingredient why a certain campaign goes viral . After combing through


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