Can a new subject line tool eliminate A/B testing?

SmartInsights tool review: Touchstone Rumour has it that the next Indiana Jones film will see our favourite archeologist searching for the greatest undiscovered treasure of modern times: the perfect subject line. In the meantime, we re left looking for guidance on how to improve subject line performance by using the right words. Do we say free or no cost ? Summer or Summertime ? Deal or Offer ? Any tool that helps us consistently pick out the best words or phrasing would, of course, have two huge advantages: The benefits go straight to your bottom line: subject lines have a big influence on opens, clicks and other success metrics. You can skip a lot of A/B subject line testing: A/B tests are not always easy to do right (and can give misleading results if done wrong). Unfortunately, the tools or reports offering advice on subject line wording tend to suffer from two critical flaws. First, they commonly base recommendations on a review of past subject lines and the average result


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