How to create an integrated marketing campaign plan

Avoiding common 6 pitfalls of marketing campaign planning In my previous post reviewing techniques for digital marketing integration post I touched on the three major challenges to integrating digital marketing: planning, people and agencies. In this article I will look in more detail at these challenges as they relate to  marketing campaigns, giving suggestions on how they can be avoided through better management. To help make the campaign successful it can help to think about what can go wrong in the planning and execution and then avoid these pitfalls. In this post I ll show 6 pitfalls that I’ve seen with campaign planning each of the following pitfalls is directly aligned to one of six stages of creating an integrated campaign covered in the Smart Insights marketing campaign planning/briefing template which I will describe more fully in a later post: 1. Campaign goals and tracking. 2. Target audience, customer insight and targeting. 3. Key campaign messages and offers.


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