3 great examples of UGC video campaigns

Is User-generated content in advertising the ultimate in brand advocacy? So now all we need is a load of people with cameras to tell everyone else how great our product is Recently, in the US, Coke launched what’s being hailed as ‘the world’s first TV ad made completely with user-generated content’. The ad was produced by W+K and was made up of short videos filmed on the fly by real customers/brand advocates, whereby Coke asked the question: “What does it feel like when you take a sip of Coke?” And thus, the ‘AHH Effect’ ad was born… Whilst the slight advertising cynic in me wonders whether there are a few rather contrived elements to the content, one has to temper that with the notion that hardcore Coke fans really would do all sorts of crazy sh.. for the chance to be in a TV ad with such a hugely potential reach. As you’ll see, the ad is fast, fun and pretty real. But is this the first time user-generated content has been used in advertising? In fact, the Coke ad


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